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Night Life David C.  Taylor

Night Life

David C. Taylor

Published March 17th 2015
Kindle Edition
336 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

1954: The Cold War is heating up. Senator Joseph McCarthy is running a witch hunt for communists in America. The newly-formed CIA is fighting a turf war with the FBI to determine which will be the primary US intelligence agency. In New York City, a series of young men’s murders has caught the attention of a dedicated cop.Michael Cassidy is plagued by dreams that sometimes come true. He has an odd background for a policeman: His father is a successful Broadway producer, and his godfather is a Mafia boss. Cassidy also has an unusual way of going about the business of being a cop—maybe that’s why he threw a fellow officer out a third-story window of the Cortland Hotel.When Alexander Ingram, a Broadway chorus dancer, is found tortured and killed in his apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, the FBI, the CIA, and the Mafia all take notice. Why are so many different people interested in the death of a Broadway gypsy? Searching for connections as the murder count grows, Cassidy learns that Ingram may have possessed compromising photographs of someone very important—photographs that would give the owner unparalleled leverage in the corridors of power.Meanwhile, a mysterious young woman moves into Cassidy’s building. Is Dylan McCue a friend or an enemy? Cassidy begins to suspect that the woman he’s falling in love with may be keeping dangerous secrets from him. And he’s dreaming of his own murder. Will it come true?Night Life is a pulse-pounding novel from author David Taylor.At the publishers request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.