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Frabjous Days Dorian Taylor

Frabjous Days

Dorian Taylor

Published April 8th 2013
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Chloe wants to be an artist, in the early 21st century, a hobby. She runs to her grandfather, an eccentric old hippy hiding in the mountains, painting and writing poetry in his retirement. Sugarloaf and Big Bear, California become Wonderland as she goes from eccentric to eccentric, learning her art, about life and falling in love.Chloes best friend, Hadley falls through the Looking Glass after they both graduate art school, and, like Chloe moves through eccentric characters in the San Bernardino Mountains, and Paris to learn her art, her life, her love and begin to teach it.The book features poetry as well as prose and attempts to make nonsense real, or at least realistic. It serves as a medium for art criticism, philosophy, and some satirical comment on the early 21st century.