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Whispering of Fields Unsown Keith Warren

Whispering of Fields Unsown

Keith Warren

Published October 1st 2011
ISBN : 9781845494988
276 pages
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 About the Book 

Clever Freddie Tanner and beautiful but simple Kathleen Soper are childhood sweethearts in the grimy streets of the East End, growing up in the shadows of deprivation and fascism. Freddie has high hopes of a glittering, professional career but his, and Kathys dreams are thwarted by the relentless course of history, their own human weakness and the increasingly tawdry world that followed the War. This humorous and plaintive story, concerned with Fate as well as the redemptive power of Love, is set in East London- in Paglesham on the Essex Coast and on the Pier of the seaside town of Southend during the years 1936 - 1953.