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Dani Dundees Short Story Collection Dani Dundee

Dani Dundees Short Story Collection

Dani Dundee

Published October 25th 2013
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Sally:Sally is an Australian college student in her first year. Shes been dating her boyfriend for nearly six months and while theyve done a lot of typical dating stuff, he finally wants to go all the way.Its her first time, and while she doesnt think of herself as that sexy, she has a way with men- they tend to reach their climax very quickly, which is a worry. She wants her first time to last...Kate:Kates a 19 year old student from Riverton University in Australia. Shes bright, talented, sexy... but theres one thing she doesnt have going for her.Shes in a wheelchair.But when Kates invited to one of the college sleepovers, where theres booze and sex aplenty, she wants to get in on the action too... and soon becomes the star of the show.Quinn:Quinn is an Australian-born Chinese, your average college student whose boyfriend, Rich, has above-average equipment. Shes happy and content, until her best friend Janet asks to try him out for a bit... and he decides that he likes her better.So Quinn plans her revenge on Rich, but unfortunately for her, shes easily distracted... especially when Janet and Rich start making out right as shes about to pull off her plan.